Anthony Lee – Combico UK training case study

Q What training did you do and how has the training you received from Combico UK helped you in your career?

A I did a Rational SCC WE course. The course was very informative and provided all the reference material I needed to be able to put the training into use while I was on the site. Additionally, I now feel sufficiently well informed to be able to carry out work on any of the units in a professional manner rather than just bumbling though.

Q What did you learn most from your training?

A The thing that I learned the most from my training was programming and computer updating. I discovered just how important it is and how to do it correctly without causing additional problems for you to try and solve.

Q Would you recommend Combico UK training to others and why?

A I would definitely recommend Combico training as it is centrally located and has great facilities with a good selection of hotels nearby. The training is well thought-out, presented in an easy to understand format and provides you with practical, hands-on experience, which in my opinion, cements the classroom learning. The trainer (Martin) most definitely knows the product well, is approachable and friendly in his conduct with candidates and is attentive to their needs. The training is delivered in an unhurried manner with plenty of reference made to the manuals so that you know where to find the information you need when you get out on site and get to work on your own steam.

The trainer kept the content within the ‘real world’ of engineering. By that I mean he did not shy away from the ‘warts and all’ issues that can bely any engineer on site. (Site conditions are rarely ideal and Martin demonstrates plenty of realistic site experience on the machines). The freebies (which some engineers have come to expect) are also very useful to have and assist in organising the information received on the course. Finally, the after-course back-up is highly recommended and extremely accessible both electronically and personally, something which allows you to access updates and technical/parts drawings. This is a real plus point.

In conclusion, the training was a very worthwhile investment which has enabled me to add Rational ovens to the list of equipment that I am competent to work on.